How do I view the DLRs in digiLearn?

Each DLR will open to a details page. The details page provides teachers with key information on the DLR. At the bottom of the details page is a PREVIEW button and a DOWNLOAD button.

Why Preview?
– When a teacher clicks on PREVIEW the DLR will open in a new window and allow the teacher to use the DLR. This PREVIEW button will support teachers as they are planning curriculum and collecting resources.

Why Download?
– When a teacher selects the DLR they want to use with their students they will need to click on DOWNLOAD. The DOWNLOAD button will ask the teacher to Save the zipped file. The file needs to be saved into a folder on your computer alternatively it may be saved in a folder on your school server.

Please note before saving the file RENAME the DLR for easy reference as the default will be the DLRs ID Number for eg L943 can be renamed Basketball Clinic.